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The Webbie

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BarCampAhmedabad Rocked on

January 24th, 2008

I left with my friend Amol on the night of 18th this month to a city which SIMPLY ROCKS…

Ahmedabad and its people are amazing, high-spirited, fundoo and really chilled out.

We reached Ahmedabad on the morning of 19th to attend BarCampAhmedabad held at Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship(CIIE) in the new campus of IIM Ahmedabad, the first to be held in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.

It started off with the intro where the offline wiki was built up with two threads of sessions.

The sessions I attended were:

  • Prof. Sanjay Bannerjee: The Mind frame of an Entrepreneur , What it takes to succeed as an Entrepreneur? The essentials, the dream,the strategy.
    I missed out on half of the session
  • Ankur Shukla: Gave a session on his Entrepreneurial journey from his college days to now.. a 1.8 cr firm Kudos Infomedia
  • m-Governance
  • Ruchit Surati: Demonstrated an application to control and access a mobile phone over the internet.
  • Raxit Sheth: teaser
  • Sashi from NirmaLabs: Motivational Marketing
  • Tapan Shah: Facebook Applications

For pics and presentations of BarCampAhmedabad, check out:

People I enjoyed meeting in BarCampAhmedabad:

More about the remaining part of our trip on the next post… Want to keep that separated from the BarCamp post actually.

The lazy me… Just woke up

January 17th, 2008

The lazy blogger in me just woke up. I did have exams but then the mammoth time-table of 40 days having 5 papers ended up in enough sleep & lots of movies… believe me, lots of them. The Mumbai University exam schedules tend to spoil us this way, especially the final year B.E.(Comps) students, because our time-tables are always super-lengthy. I’ll definitely miss these relaxing breaks after getting into professional life.

Professional life… Hmmm… Just got placed. It is certainly an amazing feeling to get your first job. A pretty smooth aptitude test followed by three grilling interviews was what it took for me to be a part of the 4-year old startup firm, Convonix (Can’t really call it a startup anymore ;) ). Amazing work culture, flexible working hours, shuffling profiles is what I seem to be in for.

Fine. Coming back from the future to the present, it can never be better than this one: I’ll be attending two Barcamps within a gap of 8 days :!: And both in top institutes of the country :!: :!: BarCampAhmedabad in IIM-A on 19th Jan followed by BarCampTechFest at none other than IIT-B on 27th Jan, as a part of their TechFest.

Meanwhile, I have lately been working on Raxit Sheth’s website, MyKavita, which is due to be launched in BarCampTechFest and am a part of the Planning Team of BarCampTechFest.

I also completed 2 more cheques of mGinger in the time being.

21st is when college resumes, and the same old routine is back. Alas! Not even a 10-day holiday.

I just completed my second round on mGinger

November 10th, 2007

mGinger Earnings - Mitesh AsharAfter being the first in India to receive a mGinger cheque, I ended up clicking ‘Pay me now’ on mGinger for the second time.

I just touched the 300 mark day before yesterday and have requested my payment today.

In case, you did not know what mGinger was all about, check out

Stumbled into addiction

November 10th, 2007

Pretty late, but I have eventually got myself a StumbleUpon account.

The basic motive was to generate traffic for my blogs on TargetGenX, but when I started stumbling myself, I ran into an addiction. I ended up spending hours stumbling upon new stuff that interests me.

Rock on SU. I loved the technology!!!

िहंदी हमारी राष्ट्रीय भाषा नहीं है !!!

October 19th, 2007

In the course of the gradual growth of the multi-author blog on India that I am running on my website, we got to know a really surprising fact about our country. We don’t have a National Language!!!

Many of you must be already knowing this, but most of the people don’t.

You can read more about it on the blog

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